Eagles FC's Team Values and Philosophy

Eagles FC is a developmental programme where everyone is welcome. It is run like a community team for children who attend the American School in London. For ASL children and parents who are looking for a competitive and selective environment, you are very welcome to join Eagles FC but you may want to consider joining another more selective league, too. 

Our philosophy:

Eagles FC is a developmental football programme. We do not have a competitive registration process - everyone of any ability is welcome. Our coaches apply the Growth Mindset approach that you will have heard about at ASL. This means:

  • Respect the coaches’ decision-making on team makeup and/or program implementation
  • Support and foster a positive environment where children have varying abilities
  • Encourage your child to collaborate rather than compete with their peers
  • Model sportsmanlike behaviour during practices and matches

What is a Growth Mindset?

This comes from a book highly recommenced by ASL administrators called Mindset, by Carol Dweck. The basic idea is that hard work, rather than talent, is the key to success. Believing that they can develop their skills and abilities through practice and perseverance empowers kids and brings achievement. Dweck explains it best herself:

Adult version

Kid version